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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Hiking

Hello fans of South Jersey's natural and historic wonders!  I'm off for a hike to Parvin State Park, but before I go into that - let me tell you about an upcoming hike:

Wharton State Forest
Pinelands Winter Shrubs and Trees Hike
Starts at 10:00 a.m.
Length 2 - 4 miles
Fee - none

One of my friends and I hike Parvin State Park regularly.  Aside from its beauty, the trail is a nice size and length and it offers an opportunity to re-visit an episode in American history that interests me - the Civilian Conservation Corps.  Thundergust Lake and the Little White Bridge are all products of the efforts of the young men of the CCC.  Standing waist deep in the shallow lake, they hauled out sunken logs and other kinds of debris.  They repaired the dam and built the bridge.  Part of the visitor's center at the entrance was built by the CCC from materials salvaged from a local train station.  I'm not entirely clear on the details of what part of the building, how much of the building or the accurate source of the recycled materials, but perhaps one of the kind experts who visit this blog may shed some light on that. 

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