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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Paulsdale, Mount Laurel, NJ

Today I am working at the Paulsdale research library with Samantha Barry, head of the volunteer team.  The original plantation farm house was built around 1800.  Paulsdale was purchased in 1883 and was a working farm of the Paul family.  There were more than 150 acres of orchards, crops and meadows for the dairy herd.  Paulsdale was sold and used as a private residence until 1990 when a group of women formed the Centennial organization to find a way to buy the property and turn it into a leadership institute.  There are 6.5 acres of the original propery and the building is on the National Historic landmark register.  In 2007, the research library was established.  I was one of the first volunteers and took over from our intern, Laura McGrath.  Fortunately for the library, me and everyone involved, Sam Barry came on board this past summer, in June, and became our leader.  She is a graduate library student at Rutgers (one of my alma maters).

Today we looked at the site she set up for our collection and here is the link:


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