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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mystery House - White Hill Mansion, Fieldsboro

Loretta Kelly was the only one who correctly identified the mystery house, and for a very good reason.  She took me on the tour when I made this photograph.  White Hill belongs to the Borough of Fieldsboro now and Loretta Kelly has spearheaded the efforts to save, restore and someday make the house a historic site available to visitors.  One of the interesting bits of information about this house is that Hessians occupied the house on their way to the Battle of Red Bank.  Mary Field, the owner of the house, was a widow by then.  Her husband drowned in the Delaware River under mysterious circumstances.  He was a member of the Committee of Correspondence.  Mary Field managed to save her home and safely put up the Hessians even though she was the wife of a 'Rebel' and the house remains with us today, though a Tavern that stood below the house on the bank of the Delaware, has been demolished. 

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  1. I was a bus boy and dishwasher at Glenks Mansion in 1973-74. It was owned and run by Barablace, Tracks, and Ohler from Sweetbriar Lane, Bordentown Township. I roamed all over the place work, but fun. The Rathskeller downstairs was a tough place to take trays down to. We actually lit cigarettes for customers at that time.