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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Library of Congress Photographs

If you like historic houses, you should visit the Library of Congress site.  Go to http://loc.gov/ and on the right hand side, choose American Memory, Go, and you'll find the Historic Archicture Building Survey photographs of historic places.  The mystery site of the week is from that collection.  It is fascinating to see the pictures taken of places during the WPA historic building survey, in the 1930's, and compare them with the pictures of the same places today.  You can also access through http://memory.loc.gov/ and search by place.  Pick N then next and go to New Jersey and find the city you'd like to explore.  You can spend hours at it!  Enjoy! 


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  2. Jo Ann:

    It would be easier to direct people here:


    Then they merely need to scroll towards the bottom of the page to find the beginning of the New Jersey listings.

    Another great source for South Jersey historic building images can be found here:


    This is the Nathaniel Ewan collection of Burlington County houses and farm buildings.

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