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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hello history buffs - I've been away in West Virginia for a time and just got home. In answering my e-mail, I found a message from Barry Casselli who has a great web site for people interested in the Pine Barrens. He asked for information on a mystery church he has photographed. Here is his message:
"I just realized, that with your blog, maybe a mystery can be solved.
I photographed this small frame church (see attachment) a few years ago. Unfortunately I did not note the name or location of the church. I believe I took the photo somewhere between Daretown and the Alliance cemetery. The house number on it is 213. It's possible the church is somewhere between Daretown and Rosenhayn. There was a dated stone set in the upper part of the front wall, but I forgot to try to read it.
I would like to find out where this building is, and take new photos (and mark it on my map). Could you post this text and photo on your blog? This one's a real mystery, because I have no idea where it is."
Barry Caselli

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  1. JW, where were you in WV? That is my home state. Janet