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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Favorite Trails

Yesterday, I was hiking the trail from Pakim Pond to the rangers' station in Brendan Byrne forest, which is roughly 6 miles round trip.  It is my favorite trail.  I asked my hiking buddy Barbara Spector, which is her favorite trail and she said, as I knew she would, Parvin State Park.  I've hiked there with her many times. 

We listed all our favorite trails in order of preference and I was wondering what other peoples' favorites are.  My e-mail is wrightj45@yahoo.com, if you wish to let me know your favorites.  If I hear from you, I'll post them here.

This was my second time on the Cranberry trail this week.  The previous hike had been momentous in that my other best hiking buddy, Barbara Solem, had convinced me it was safe to let Trixie, my new dog of one month, off her leash as she is so very well-behaved and responds well to commands to "stay" and "sit" and "come".  And indeed she stayed right with us the whole time and was practically dancing in her delight at being free to walk at her own pace and stop and sniff at her leisure. 

Barbara Solem's favorite trail is around Atsion Lake.  We all love Estelle Manor, where we hiked last week, and of course, Goshen and Batsto.  Winter i my favorite time for hiking, too, because there are no chiggers or ticks.

There are interesting monuments in the heart of the woods on various trails, for example, the Carranza Monument, and, on the Cranberry Trail,  the David F. Moore monument.  I found the following information on David F. Moore.

I want to thank him and any other devoted workers for conservation for preservign these beautiful places for those of us who go there and find peace and balance as well as joy. 

from a site called Zoom In - "Dave Moore was executive director of the New Jersey Conservation Foundation from 1969-1999 and is now serving on the organization's Board of Trustees.
He is also currently a member of the Board of Trustees of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance and the Delaware River Mill Society. He has served on numerous other nonprofits throughout his career, including the New Jersey Natural Lands Trust, New Jersey Tidelands Resource Council, New Jersey Natural Areas Council, New Jersey Recycling Forum, Council on New Jersey Affairs, the state's Waterfowl Advisory Committee, Natural Area Council in Washington, D.C. and the Stockton Alliance."

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