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Thursday, March 28, 2013

FamilyHistory on the curb & SLims

I've been asking around about Slim's Ranch without too much success lately.  I did meet a fellow dog walker who said the original ranch was up on the 1/2 mile jogging track and that there was nothing left but an access road and some telephone poles.  I wonder who Slim was and how long they operated that Ranch before it became Timber Creek Park?  I'll keep asking around.

A few days ago, as my sister was driving home from work, she saw a couple of women taking furnishings from a house and putting them on the curb.  She stopped and asked if they minded if she took some things, which they did not as it was all put out for the trash.  She found a treasure trove of family photos and documents which she brought to their attention, but ehey said they didn't want them.  It was their grandmother's stuff and they were clearing out her house.

Those photos and documents told such an interesting story about Italian immigration in the early 20th century.  There was the family in the old homestead in Italy, the passport of the patriarch, Domenico Cutrufollo, 1917, and World War II papers and letters for Joseph and Vera, the photos showed the family in their tenement garden in the Bronx, from which they finally moved to NJ.  There were the grandmothers, the aunts and uncles and a young beautiful pair of sisters, one of whom must have become a ballroom dancer because there was a photo of her in a ball gown and long sleeved gloves, and a box from Bonwits with those very same gloves loving preserved in tissue.  Maybe she is the one who became the grandmother.

I'm going to try to find a home for these items.  First I'll try through my volunteer work at Glo. Co. Hist. Soc. Library, they may know of a place with a focus on early Italian immigration to NJ, then I'll try a little museum I just read about in the Courier that has opened in Glassboro. 

Any ideas?  contact me at jwright45@yahoo.com

The grandmother held on to these treasures for a hundred years or more.  I hope I can find a safe home for them.

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