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Monday, March 25, 2013

Mullica Hill, Dufffy's Chocolates & More - Easter

Easter is just around the corner and yesterday I found out my daughter is coming home to visit.  She is 29 and a vegan, so I was perplexed about what to put in her Easter Basket.  I know she likes vintage and antique things so I went to Mullica Hill to solve my dilemma of what to put in an Easter basket when you can't use chocolate or dairy.  The first shop I stopped in had the perfect solution, lovely, shaped, perfumcd soaps, one of which was a large molded white cat "The Sophisticat" which takes the place of the white chocolate bunny of my daughter's childhood.  Next, I crossed the street to the Red Mill Antiques and right inside the door I found a charming basket with a large cranberry colored sash on the wooden lid!  Next I found an adorable old tin with rabbits on it and some tiny china rabbits to put in it with Easter grass and I was all set.

Mulica Hill will host an Antique Street Fair from 10 - 5 on April 27th with the 28th as a rain date.  www.mullicahill.com and 856-881-6800 for questions or to reserve a table.

Still, I have other relatives who do eat chocolate, in particular a nephew, so on the day of the big snow, Monday 3/24/13, I took advantage of the bad weather to go to Duffy's Chocolates in Gloucester City, on Broadway.  Generally at Easter there will be a line stretching to the door, but since the weather was so forbidding, I was only the second customer in line.  Duffy's has been in business most of the 20th century and now the 21st.  It is a tradition for many who live within the area to buy great chocolate there as well as Irish potatoes.  It is a family owned business and the chocolates are handmade.  It isn't too late - if you need something special for a hostess gift or to put in that Easter basket, head over to Duffy's and enjoy the fragrance as you walk in the door! 

A tv note:  It is nice when what you read and what you watch on tv get in sync with the holidays.  I've enjoyed The Bible on History Channel ( a little hokey but perfect to get in the mind set of the season) and The Vikings, too.  Also, there was an excellent documentary on Jamestown which teams up nicely with a wonderful book I'm reading by Bernard Bailyn, The Barbarous Years, which deals with that same period in Colonial American History 1600-1675.  I plan to get one or two of his other books and will do a book review column as soon as I finish this one. 

Happy Easter and Happy Spring (if it ever arrives). 

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