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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chair Yoga in Collingswood

It may seem a stretch to talk about chair yoga in a historic places blog, but I promise a historic place in this piece.  First, however, increasingly as I push through my sixties, I notice physical impediments creeping up.  I hike three miles a day with no problem and could do six with a break after three, but I did notice I was getting stiff.  It was harder to sit on the ground Indian style and get back up.  I had a knee injury some years back and the stress and strain on my alternate knee had made my knees hard to rely on for climbing, not usually a problem as I doubt very much I'll be climbing the falls at Jim Thorpe again. 
Nonetheless, I wanted to stay more flexible but I had put my gym membership on hold because I was having trouble getting up and down off the floor (the knees) and worried that repetitive stress from the machines would cause problems with other joints like my shoulders. 
Sometimes I feel as though my wishes (admittedly mostly modest and unselfish ones) come true. 
A class  has opened up at the Collingswood Community Center on Tuesday at 11:15 for Chair Yoga.  The teacher, Scott, is exceptional, I took a few of his classes when I had my gym membership at Royal Fitness in Barrington, though he is officially connected with Yogawood, also in Collingswood.
This yoga is easy on the joints but helps you stretch out and strengthen without stress.  I can also have back problems if I'm not careful, which I discovered when I ruptured a disc taking a kayak off an SUV also some years back.  I strongly recommend this class to anyone who wants to stay flexible and maintain motion without threat of injury.  It is a small class of 4 people and the teacher and it is low key and relaxing.  I feel wonderful when I leave at the end of that hour. (It is only $5 for the hour.)
Also in Collingswood, you can drive by the Knights Collings House on Collings Lane, built in 1825.  Their last event was June 8th when they hosted the Parents who have written an Acadia book on Gloucester City.  The Knights Collings House is always looking for volunteers for a variety of helpful tasks, gardening, tours, some office work.  I believe a fiber group meets there as well.  In the autumn, they have a great Edgar Allen Poe theater event which I've attended a couple of times.
Whenever I visit a nearby town, I always pick up their local newspapers and brochures.  What's On - Collingswood, is very informative.  I get it at the Communicty Center which is right next to the speedline and the fire-house on Collings Ave, center of town, and open to the public.  Stop in and find out what's going on in Collingwood, a superb small town.  Also, don't forget their excellent Farmers' Market on Saturday mornings, for fresh local produce, music, breakfast or lunch, flowers, and a colorful relaxing morning event.
Well, Trixie and I are off to Big Timber Creek now, hope to see you on the trail or at the Chair Yoga class = Tuesday 11:15 at the Communicty Center in Collingswood. 
Jo Ann   wrightj45@yaho.com

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