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Sunday, June 30, 2013


This is WORKING!  Fortunately my far far incalculably more cyber-savvy daughter, Lavinia,  was here for an overnight visit and she fixed the problem so I can get back to blogging!  It was Internet Explorer that was the problem, not blogspot.
If anyone has seen the movie The Internship with Owen Wilson, and Vince Vaughan, I felt like them - so far out of date with technical stuff.  My daughter explained how if your internet explorer isn't updated, sometimes it isn't up to the latest changes in a program from something you are using.  Or at least that was my translation of what she was explaining and it may be entirely wrong.  Nonetehless, tomorrow, I'll get back to blogging, for today, it is time to simply dry myself off as I was caught in the rain after dropping my daughter off for the bus to New York near the Cherry Hill Mall.
Glad to be back!  Jo Ann

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