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Monday, June 10, 2013

Upcoming events and Roundtable review

Well, the Burlington County Historians Roundtable was, as usual, interesting and enlightening.  As is the usual procedure, individuals representing various historic sites rose to talk of their developments and upcoming events.  Just to mention a few:
1.Country Day at Kirby's Mill is 2nd Sunday in July (I've visited Kirby's Mill for other events and it is a beautiful place)
2.29th of June is the bBlueberry Festival at Whitesbog (which I have attended many times with great pleasure)
This past weekend there was a Green Festival at Smithville, which I didn't attend but I wanted to let you know it also was the opening of the new Underground Railroad exhibit at that site and we were told there was an excellent brochure available on the topic.  I will get there sometime this summer as the Underground Railroad is another big interest of mine.
3.Tentative dates for the next Roundtable are September 28 at the Red Dragon Canoe Club and November 23rd at the Quaker Meeting in Mount Holly.
4.There is a Crossroads of the Revolution meeting taking place this weekend and I believe on June 13th it is being held at Batsto.  Please check that as I seem to have deleted the message from my e-mail with the dates for that meeting.
5.Also an event you need to check on is the Monmouth Battlefield Event which I believe will also take place this upcoming weekend.
6.July 17 through 20 will see the History Faire at the Farm FAir again at Columbus Market.  You can shop and explore history all in one trip.
Columbus Farmers Market is worth a whole blog in and of itself.  Another day, perhaps, but let me just say it is the Delaware Valley's Oldest and Largest Flea Market!  If you haven't been there, you should go.

I'm sorry, I took lots of notes but I can't read my writing (writing on my lap on a sheet of paper without my glasses on) and I can only get parts of things, but perhaps anything of special interest you could look up on google:
Riverfront Historical Society remembers the Battle of Salem Church, Spottsylvania, Va. with an annual reunion of re-enactors.
Also, the Beverly American Legion remembers the 110th Anniversary of the NJ Yahoos- the 234d Regiment, for you Civil War afficianados.

Soon, soon, hopefully, there will be an Armed Forces Museum we can visit at Camp Dix.  They are working on it.

It was mentioned that there is actually a national one-room schoolhouse organization which I plan to look up and join.  They have a magazine, too.  I have truly enjoyed the two tims I took the Burlington County One-Room Schoolhouse tours - once on a tour bus, and once when you drove yourself.  Both trips were excellent.  They occur in the autumn.  As a retired teacher, I'm always interested in the history of American education.  Speaking of that subject, there was a very good essay on Clara Barton in the American History Magazine recently.
As you know, the school house she turned into a public school funded by taxpayer subscription to serve all the children, not only the well-to-do, is in Bordentown, which is where the Roundtable was held this month, at the Library on 18 E. Union Street. 

One of the topics at the Roundtable was how to market and publicize your historic site.  They gave us a wonderful packet of information on "Eight Basic Steps to Marketing Your Nonprofit Organization."  At the end of the program, when we were asked if we had anything to add, I suggested Blogging and I mentioned Blogspot.  It is fascinating to me to see the statistics that the blogspot.com site keeps.  This simple blog has had 23,600 visitors, often over 30 per day!  Knowing that helps to keep me posting.  Hope you enjoy!  Happy Trails - Jo Ann

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