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Monday, June 24, 2013

Whitall House- Upstairs Room Open for Yellow Fever and Midwifery

Unfortunately, Captain Dave's boat was all filled up on Friday, so we couldn't take the Maurice River Cruise and have lunch at Wildflowers, the Vegan restaurant in Millvill.

On Sunday, however, I did two hours as docent in the museum room of the Whitall House for the Flower Show, June 23rd.  The special "Field Days" are always on the third Sunday.  I enjoy bringing the river and land battle to life for people who have never heard of it before.  They are always interested and grateful.  I was asked about books on the battle:  There is Lee Anderson's book, Forty Minutes on the Delaware, and there is the Fight for the Delaware (which is rare and hard to find - I think I bought the last copy off the internet some years ago.)

The next special "Field Day" is about medicine and the theme will be Yellow Fever and Midwifery.  Yellow fever is our theme because it is the disease that killed Ann Whitall in the 1790's.  The main event will be the opeing for tours of the upstairs bedroom.  It's a FIRST that the upstairs rooms will be open.  They have been certified as safe for touring.  That Sunday is July 21st, I believe.  I'll be there, hope to see you!

Meanwhile, we haven't given up on our boat tour.  Let this be a lesson, call EARLY!  We called the day before.  The Maurice River boat cruise is pretty popular on hot summer days.  Fridays are senior citizen days too.

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