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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

#9 in CCC in NJ

Hi folks, if your interest has been whetted for more on the Civilian Conservation Corps in New Jersey, there are several places you can go on the 'net for more; there are also books, video, and of course, the signage at the State Parks on the hikes.

Internet Resources:

The Farm Security Administration was responsible for literally thousands of wonderful photographs of New Jersey in the 1930's.  One photographer whose name I saw over and over was Arthur Rothstein.  You can find information about him as well.


The WPA Guide to 1930's NJ
The Tree Army:  A Pictorial History of the CCC1933-1942 - S. Cohen
In the Shadow of the mountain: The Spirit of the CCC E. G. Hill
Nature's New deal:  The CCC and the Roots of the America Environmental Movement, N. M. Maher
The Dream and the Deal:  The Federal Writers' Project 1935-1943, M. Lesey
Utopia, New Jersey:  Travels in the Nearest Eden, Perdita Buchan

Video:  The CCC Boys, Video Library (Living in Virginia)

Audio Book:  Franklin Delano Roosevelt by Roy Jenkins



And for all things Pine Barren, don't forget Barb Solem's book
Ghosttowns and Other Quirky Places in the New Jersey Pine Barrens 

Tonight Jim Schulte will be speaking athe Salem County Genealogical Society at Friends' Village, Friends Dr., Woodstown, NJ

Phone:(856) 769-1500

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