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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Review - It's Been a Long, Long Time, Marianne Lods

On one of my many enjoyable trips to Millville, I stopped, with a friend, in Bogart's Book Store and bought a book by a local author.  The cover was appealing because it featured old black and white family photographs and I am a great fan of family history. 
Today I finished the book and I can tell you I couldn't put the book down once I began to read it.  Here is my review:
Just finished this book which I bought at Bogart's Book Store in Millville.  The cover caught my eye as I, too, love family history and the images were intriguing.  While reading this book, I found myself crying and hoping for the best for these people through all the adversity they had to face.  My father served in the navy in WWII and it brought back memories of my parents' lives and memories of that period.  I've promised to lend the book to a freind with realtives in the South Jersey area of the poultry farms of the Jewish families who left NYC for better opportunities.  What a great story.  We rarely hear about the ordinary people in the places where the big events of the War took place.  I really wanted to know what happened when the family came to New Jersey!

As it turns out, after doing research, I found out that the author is a director of the administering board of the Glasstown Arts District.  Here is information about that -http://www.glasstownartsdistrict.com/index.php

One of the best aspects to this reading adventure is to find out the story behind a family in an area I have explored so often and learned about from other sources.  In aprticulary, I have read in Utopia, New Jersey, by Perdita Buchan, about the beginning of the poultry business for Jewish families in South Jersey in the towns such as Norma, Brotmanville,  and Alliance.  In fact, I attended a fascinating lecture by Ms. Buchan one summer at the Samuel Assiz Museum in a small synagog there. 

Happy Trails, Happy Rails, and Happy Tales - Jo Ann

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