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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Franklin Parker Preserve, Burlington County - Great Hiking!

The Chatsworth Lake entrance to Franklin Parker Preserve is off 532, however I'm attaching the web address of the NJ Conservance so you can get better directions if you don't have a gps in your car or on your phone.  As I didn't drive there myself, but was a passenger in my hiking buddy's car, I can't give you directions from my own experience.  Here is the web address to find directions

The hiking that we did, Barb Solem, Barb Spector and I, a couple of days ago, was all along the cranberry bogs and blueberry fields at the Parker Preserve.  We started off with lunch at the Tabernacle Inn which I cannot praise highly enough.  The food, every time I have been there, has been excellent and the service is warm, friendly and accommodating. Their buternut squash soup is the best I have ever tasted.

Hiking he Prserve is easy, there are flat, well maintained sandy roads bordered by the bogs which I believe are no longer in use and have been allowed to begin their return to their natural state.  I understand there are owls to be seen but I didn't see any.  This was strictly a dog and buddy hiking expedition, though both of the Barbaras are avid bird watchers and did recently see a Snowy Owl at 50 yards at the Forsythe.

We hiked for a good 2 hours or maybe 6 miles that day and tried two different entrances to the park.  We were looking for beaver lodges which we heard from a wildlife photographer friend of Bab Solem's, could be seen there. 
There are no end of preserves and aprks in which to hike in South Jersey, another thing I love about whre I live.  As always if you want to talk to me via e-mail you can reach me at wrightj45@yahoo.com.  Here is a list of other preserves from the web site above:  I never knew about them before.  Learn something new every single day!  (Happy Trails!  Jo Ann)

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