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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Family History Military History

When you stop to think of it, if you do family history, you find that a good deal of your family history is tied up with military history in one way or another - even your personal and present day history.  For example, I lived in Europe for 3 years, two of them in Germany, because I was married to a Lt. in the army in 1967.  At the same time that we were in Germany, my brother, Joseph, was in Vietnam.  My father served in the navy in World War II and my childhood was spent enraptured by popular series Victory at Sea on tv.  WWII was my father's big research project during his life. 

Last night I took a class in a 15 week course at Camden County College, on Wednesdays with Dr. Pesda at Madison Hall.  It is FREE, and even though it has already begun, I'm sure you could come if you wanted.  I know next to nothing about World War I though I believe my Great Grandfather's only son died as a result of lung damage from the war.  His stone is beside his father's stone in one of the cemeteries I visited in Philadelphia, Fernwood.

My sister and I were in the car today and we both said that neither of us could remember a thing we learned in History in school, and neither of us could even remember our History teachers.  I do remember two courses in college:  Supreme Court Cases that Changed History (EXCELLENT) and History and Growth of Scientific Ideas (Life Changing class).

So, anyway I am about to begin a chapter on milityar family history for my Family History Christmas Project, and I must say I know next to nothing about the conflicts for which I have family photos of my male ancestors:  On the Mexican Border 1916, World War I, but I have been studying both the Civil War for the last 5 years, and World War II most of my life, though in a very casual fashion.  Today, I'm going to write a Family History Chapter on the subject beginning with the Cheesman ancestors, several of whom served in the American Revolution, then in the War of 1812, which is where Major Peter T. Cheesman (whose namesake road runs beside Camden County College) got his officer's stripes. 

The course at Camden County College features guest lecturers, always a fascinating addition to their courses, as well as movies (Last night's movie was Paths to Glory).  I hope you can join us!  Last night the class was half full 
(Room 210 an amphitheater room) and then when the movie began, there was standing room only - 90 attendees!  Pretty good draw.  And it is nice that it is a mix of ages.  
Next week the course moves to the Connector Bldg for our guest lecture by Prof. Neiberg, Center for the Study of War and Society, Univ. of Southern Mississippi.  

Keep your powder dry and make sure you aren't third on a match!
Jo Ann

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