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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Upcoming Historian's Roundtable

First, I want to say the guest lectuerer from the US Military College who presented on World War I last night was EXCELLENT.  I finally understand to some degree what started that war.  Like my understanding of the Civil War, there was a hazy, foggy impression in which a few names stood out in neon and that was it.  I knew that a Servian Anarchist had asassinated the Austro-Hungarian leader Franz Ferdiand, which was the spark that set the European world ablaze, but that's all I knew.  In another post, I'll talk more about that, but I wanted to let you know that the Historian's Roundtable will be held at Batsto.  Here is the text of the e-mail from the new head of the Roundtable.  I had blogged earlier this summer about the tragic death of Joe Laufer, the brilliant and charming former head of the group and Burlington's gifted County Historian.

The Roundtable will be held at Batsto Village.  The meeting will be approximately 45 minutes with a tour of Batsto  Village to follow.  They have a lot going on there and it will be great to see what they have been up to and learn more about this part of our County’s history.

If your organization has an event or program coming up that you would like to promote please send a digital file by September 17 and it will be included in the presentation.  Also, please bring any brochures/flyers/upcoming events that you would like to share.
Please RSVP by replying to this email.

Hope you can all make it.
Marisa Bozarth
Burlington County Division of Parks

Also, here are the directions posted at the Batsto web site:
Historic Batsto Village is located on Route 542 in the Wharton State Forest, Washington Township, Burlington County, New Jersey. It is about 45 miles Southeast of Philadelphia and approximately 25 miles in a Westerly direction from Atlantic City. The nearest significant town is Hammonton, NJ 08037 which is about 8 miles to the West.

Directions from Philadelphia:
(Walt Whitman Bridge) 
Take Walt Whitman Bridge  to North/South Freeway, Route 42, to Atlantic City Expressway. Continue to Exit #28 (Hammonton). Exit to Route 54 & turn left.  Go to the 5th traffic light and turn right onto Route 30 East (White Horse Pike). Go to the 2nd light & turn left. Go the end of the road and turn left at the "T" intersection onto Route 542. Go 9 miles and the Historic Batsto Village is located on the left.
(Tacony Palmyra Bridge)
Take the Tacony Palmyra Bridge to Route 73. Continue to Route 30 (White Horse Pike and exit right to go East. Continue to a railroad overpass and then drive to the 4th traffic light (approximately 3 more miles), and turn left. Go to the next light & turn left. Go the end of the road and turn left at the "T" intersection onto Route 542. Go 9 miles and the Historic Batsto Village is located on the left.
Parkway Directions from South Jersey:
Take the Garden State Parkway North to Exit #50, exit to Route 9 North. Proceed to Route 542 & turn left. Follow signs about 12 miles to Batsto Village.

I have registered and will be going.  I usually take the Pike, but I'll be putting it in my gps and following that.  It is free and you don't need to be attached to an organization to attend.  If you want to know what is going on in some of the state's most interesting historic places, you should drive to Batsto and join us!  Hope to see you there!  You could add a fine hike in the early autumn woods to the day's adventure.  That's what I'll be doing!
Happy Trails!
Jo Ann

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