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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Reminisce with me

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I love old stuff.  I swear to you, it speaks to me.  An old toaster, an old business machine like the addressograph, a pill box hat, a 45 record player, they tell me stories and they remind me of my youth.  So, I love Reminisce Magazine.  I subscribed this year for the first time because  friend of mine has had her essays published there very often (Dorothy Stanaitis).  They say they want to hear from us, some topics they have recommended are:  Extraordinary Moms, The Sound of Music, Retro Recipes, Capri Pants, My First Computer, The End of the Vietnam War, and Pillsbury Doughboy Turns 50.  

e-mail submissions to 

or mail to
750 Third Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10017

The piece I am going to work on is about my charm bracelet.  I know there are modern versions such as Pandora, but I love the old ones and in particular, mine, which reminds me of major life events such as:
  • My High School Pennant charm - for graduation from Merchantville High School in 1963
  • A 21 charm for turning that age
  • my Unisphere charm for going to the Worlds Fair in NY in '64 (my boyfriend gave me his high school ring that day to go steady)
  • a Charm for the Expo in Montreal, where we spent our honeymoon
  • a Cuckoo Clock charm for when we lived in Germany for 2 years while my then-husband did his military service.  I was able to go because he was an officer and officer's wives could travel with them.  I lived in a  village called Heilbronn on teh Neckar River and he was stationed at Wharton Barracks.
  • There is a charm of the Aztec Calendar that I bought when I was 19, and went on my first vacation, to Mexico, as an adult, with a work colleague from W. B. Saunders Publishing Company, a girl my own age.  We were so daring!

My house has many sentimental objects from my family and from my life.  One of my favorites is a mahogany ship's deck chair from my grandfather, Clyde Franklin Wright, who was a Merchant Seaman, a ship's cook.  Also, I have a chocolate pot from occupied Japan that belonged to my grandmother Lavinia Lyons, who gave it to me when my then-husband and I bought our first house.  I had loved it since I was tall enough to look at it in her china cabinet.  Now I look at it in mine.  There are other things and perhaps in other essays, I'll talk about them.  I'd love to hear what precious and unique old items live with you!  Make this a two way street - get in touch:  wrightj45@yahoo.com
or contact me on facebook at Jo Ann Wright.  Hope to hear from you!  Check out Reminisce Magazine when you get a chance. Jo Ann

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