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Monday, March 16, 2015

Life Story Scrapbook

I have made a scrapbook for my daughter's 30th birthday, my sister's 50th birthday and now I am going to make one for my 70th birthday which arrives next autumn.  It seems to me that I have become something of a historic topic in my own right.  I was born in 1945 - a historic year:  The end of World War II and the opening salvo of what was to become the Baby Boom thanks to returning soldiers and sailors and grateful and happy home-fires.

So, the first phase of the process is to decide what format you want to use to hang your information and images upon.  I decided on chronology.  I like simple and traditional approaches to most things including narrative and I do believe we are the products of our times.

My first page will include photos of my mother, pregnant, my father in his sailor suit, and my baby picture.  Also, I will have some picture from the internet of the 'times' an image of the headline announcing end of the war from the Philadelphia Inquirer, an album cover of the Andrews Sisters, a Bing Crosby, and more.

I am including this process here because I have always thought it would be good to have a place with ideas on what people can do with their paper memorabilia to share it with others.  So far for Christmas, I made a large photo collage of our oldest family photos, a family tree (both framed thanks to yard sales in the summer) and a book of what I have found so far of family history that I had reprinted at Belia Copy Center in Woodbury, mo "Go-To" choice for all copying for many years.  They are  expert, helpful, family owned and very reasonable in price.

So now, looking back on my childhood in South Philadelphia after the war.  I'll post periodically on this process as it goes on and maybe inspire otheres to do their life story in any form - scrapbooking, writing, blogging but save your story - it is unique and it tells the times!

Happy Trails,
Jo Ann

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