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Friday, March 20, 2015

Rails to Trails Pemberton and Grist Mill Antiques

The trail was clear, the sun was out and no one could have ever believed that one day later it would be snowing all day and 3 inches on the ground!  I'm glad we got our 3 miler in when we did.  The Rails to Trails at Pemberton, couldn't have been nicer.  It is a big wide, flat trail with no bushwhacking and if you are walking your dog, don't worry about glass.  When I was here some years before, there seemed to be a lot of sharp gravel and glass but it is all gone.  The ice and snow were gone too.

My hiking buddy, Barbara Spector, and I had pieroghi's at Sebastien's Schnitzelhaus in Wrightstown, and we bought things at the Grist Mill Antiques.  Barb needed a gift for a new office open house, and found a handsome antique letter opener.  I found a fine papier mache Easter Bunny and a die cut, cast paper bungalow from Germany, circa 1940.  It was a PERFECT DAY by my scale any way.

Happy Trails, and if you are driving, safe travels!
Jo Ann

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