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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pokemon Go Mania at National Park

I went to Red Bank Battlefield at National Park for my sunset walk as I do everynight but on this night there were no parking spots!  I never saw so many people.  I asked the first person I saw what was going on and he said there were a couple of parties. BUT, when I got to the river walk, there were scores of young people all completely engrossed in their phones.

Now like any other adult in this modern world, I am used to seeing young people walking around, or sitting somewhere eyes glued to their pones as though they were caught in some science fiction tractor beam, but this was even beyond all that.  Some groups seemed gathered around a tree here and there, all quiet and all staring down at their phones.  So I asked another person, and this one said it was Pokemon!

He explained it to me but I must confess I didn't get it.  Something about a ball and gathering gems and doing battle.  Later, I asked google on my tablet and it explained the new game got people up and out and chasing little Pokemon figures at historic places.  I am glad they are getting out and exploring their surroundings, I just wish they saw them too.  The sunsets were gorgeous the last two nights, but I'm not sure anyone but me actually saw them, or the other odd couples my age who were not staring at their cell phones.

Anyway I am glad they came to visit this historic and noteworthy spot and I wish we had some costumed guides around to tell them what it was famous for, especially so close to 4th of July!

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  1. Been back many times and love seeing the young people at the Park. They are always so friendly and have explained much more about the game to me since I wrote the last time.