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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Small Towns and Small Town Newspapers - The Retrospect

Today, I met some friends, fellow retired teachers, for lunch in Collingswood, NJ at Sabrina's where the air conditioner was broken and theyoung mother next to us had two tots with the most high pitched mind shattering shrieks I've ever heard and at Sabrina's I've heard plenty of loud children.  Anyhow the roar was deafening and the heat was oppressive, so after we ate, we beat a hasty retreat to REVOLUTION coffee shop a few blocks up Haddon Avenue towards Westmont and around the corner.  It was a quiet haven of coolness and coffee fragrance and I recommend it.  The food at Sabrina's is still excellent but I won't be going back because I can't stand the noise level - they need baffles.  But, if you go after lunch, the moms and toddlers are gone and the with them the shrieking.  I'm not against kids, I had one, but I must say, my daughter NEVER screamed in a restaurant and we ate out from the time she was a baby.  Maybe she was just an unusually well behaved child.  I did, however, talk to her about restaurant manners, and she was cool.

I always stop in the Retrospect when I'm in Collingswood.  I just love small town newspapers.  The news is interesting and it is the news you won't find in the Sunday Courier Post, (such as the controversy over police visiting a school for a possible racial epithet, and controversy over a sidewalk sculpture - a previous issue) plus I like to know what events are coming, and I like to see the house prices.  This issue ran a small column saying you could donate to Almost Home Animal Shelter by dropping off canned food, towels, paper towels, laundry soap, bleach and a few other things, at the Retrospect office, which is right on Haddon Avenue in the center of town.  I hope the War Memorabilia is still in the window.  They did a splendid job.  It was evocative and colorful, especially to someone like me, with every generation of my family having at least one man serving in the armed forces, if not more.  I want them remembered, though we were extraordinarily lucky that all of our men came home alive from the first World War through to Vietnam.  I took a photo of the window, so if you miss it, you may find it here, but right now, I've got to go, it's time for the sunset at Red Bank Battlefield.

Happy Trails!
Jo Ann

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  1. Jo Ann, I was just at the Retrospect on Thursday! Needed to meet with someone, and also just subscribed. It's a wonderful paper, and so nice to see a paper comparable to the Elmer Times full of the local news. By the way, if you missed the memo, I am now the librarian at the Camden County Historical Society, so you should stop and visit sometime! I miss doing genealogy with you, but definitely don't have any room in my schedule these days.