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Monday, July 25, 2016

Too Hot to Hike but other fun things to do

Well, now that we have been living in the 90's for a couple of weeks, it is too hot not only for my brown Lab Trixie, but also for me.  I persevered for a time by walking in the evening at Red Bank Battlefield, but the crowds got to the guards and they closed the parking lot several times when I got there and I would have had to park way down Hessian Ave and walk in the heat and sun to the park, so I gave up and went home.  Lately, I've been getting up earlier and going to Knights Park before the gym when it is somewhat cooler and twice this week I went when we had had a storm and there was cooling and puddles for my dog.

One day when my daughter was here helping with the some work at the house, we went to the movies and saw Ghostbusters an old favorite of ours.  There was a lot of idito hullablaloo over re-doing the movie with female actors in the iconic roles.  I guess it would be like Beatles fans hating it if a soul singer did a Beatles song, or a jazz group did an interpretation of a blues song.  I am for mixing it up myself.

The movie was great!  It was hilarious, and different enough.  The actors were terrific.  I recommend it as a fun summer thing to do.  We went to Carmike Theater in Voorhees. 

Most of my friends and I stay out of the woods in summer even though it is so much cooler there because we have had terrible experiences with chiggers and ticks and several of my friends have had Lymes disease.  Hence, you haven't been hearing from me about hikes lately.

There will be a film at Whitesbog on September 17 about the Pinelands that was made bya  filmmaker friend of my daughters and acted in by a writer friend of mine, Barbara Solem who wrote Ghosttowns and Other Quirky Places in the New Jersey, Pines, and Batsto Jewel of the Pines, and before those two, The Forks.  I'll be there and I hope you will too.  I can't post the time as I don't have the information yet.  I had word of mouth from my daughter because she is going and invited me to come with her.  You may find it on Whitesbog's site. 

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