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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Other Things to do when it is too hot to hike

An old college buddy of mine opened an Art studio on Main Street in Maple Shade, called, appropriately, Main Street Art.  You can have a delightful and delicious lunch at Maritza's one block down from Main Street Art, then take a painting, ceramics, jewelry class at Main Street Art and have fun while you stay cool. 

My gym is open again.  It was closed for plumbing repairs.  I go to Planet Fitness in Brooklawn SHopping Center.  It is clean, welcoming, well appointed and best of all, it has a 30 minute fitness express room which always encouraged me to go because who doesn't have 30 minutes?  My fitness regimen includes Weight Watchers at the Bellmawr Plaza off Browning Road in Bellmawr, the Planet Fitness Gym and from this week on, walking before the gym when it is cool.  I used to walk after the gym but noon is too hot now.  And I used to walk at National Park in the evenings but it is too crowded now.

I went last night to Red Bank Battlefield, though I haven't been going as the parking is often closed off due to Pokeman crowds, though I am glad they are out and visiting the parks and I hope the sunset and cool breezes and pine scent can penetrate their consciousness enough to bring them back without their phones some time in the future.  Last night however, I could see a mountain range of dark clouds slowly moving over the river and I went home after half a walk and just as I got to Rt. 130, the skies opened up and the deluge came crashing down.  I was glad to be home, and glad too that all my rescued animal companions were safe and secure in our home.  I feel so lucky sometimes.

Happy Trails and Happy Alternatives to trails!  I'll add more places as I think of them.
So far that was movies at Carmike and lunch at Bankock City, and Main Street Art and lunch at Maritza's.
Jo Ann

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