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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Local Links Market Cafe

Local Links is my new favorite place to eat!  I had lunch there today, my favorite breakfast burrito and a delightful chat with the chef and the pastry chef, charming and warm people.  This was my fifth meal at Local Links and every single one was out of this world.  Now, I only go for lunch or breakfast because most of my travel is day trips and I don't like to drive at night any more even close to home, if I can avoid it, because of the Fuch's Dystrophy (a cornea chronic disorder) which makes it hard for me to see in dim lighting at night, but they have famous gourmet meals for dinner at Local Links and today I took their July menu which will be changed for August but it gives you an idea:
Five Course Meal
1. Scallop Crudo (LBI Day boat scallop jalapeno citrus herb)
2.Dirty Jersey Caprese (tomato watermelon House mozzarella herb)
3.Raab Pesto Tagliatelle (Mitchell and Geno sharp and sweet sausage)
4.Pan Seared Local Bass (local vegetables, herb succotash)
5.Panna Cotta (Jersey Fruit compote)
$39 PP plus tax and gratuity
And they are happy to make vegan and vegetarian adjustments

So, I recommend you have breakfast or lunch there, visit the Fair Trade Store next door and possibly sit in the charming garden at the Railroad station before you head for a hike down the path through the Haddon Heights Park to Audubon Lake (each link in the park is about a mile so you can do one link and go back, or up to 3 miles total). 
And, if you go to Local Links on Sunday, you can go to the Haddon Heights Farmers Market, in its 5th Season from 9:30 to 1 p.m. through October.  

Today, though, my friend Nancy and I took our bikes out of our garden sheds and put them on Nancy's bike rack and rode around Knights Park in Collingswood because there are no cars (or no cars during the day, anyhow) and the road is wide and easy for those of us who haven't been on a bike in a few years.  

Needless to say, you can reverse this whole agenda and have breakfast at home, do the hike or bike and end with dinner at Local Links.  All the food is made daily in-house and bought from local farmers or fishermen.  856-617-6227 Eat In or Take Out, Hours Mon-Fri 7:30 a.m. to ?
Sat 9-5 and Sun 9:30-2
533 Station Avenue, Haddon Heights, NJ
Breakfast or lunch usually runs about $10 total, for example my breakfast burrito was $7.98 and then drink and tax.

It was a wonderful day and neither Nancy or I fell off the bikes!  I was prepared, however, with a new helmet purchased at Walmart for only $21.00 which was super cool and comfortable (cool in the sense of breezy, not hip or fashionable - which might not even be applicable to a bike helmet though my brain is grateful for my consideration).  It is a Zefal and so light (made of some kind of foam) with holes for air, that I forgot I even was wearing it.  I wasn't afraid of cars, of course, since there are none usually in that park, but I was afraid I might fall off my bike by hitting a pot hole or something.  

Enjoy your day, we certainly enjoyed ours!  Happy Trails!
On Saturday I'm off to picnic at Pakim Pond and scout out the road for my next bicycle adventure.  

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