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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Crossroads item, and restaurant review for Naked Lunch Saturday, 2/24/17

Here is a bit of information from a Crossroads of the Revolution e-mail I received:
The first St. Patrick's Day celebration in the not yet entirely born United States of America was declared by General George Washington when he gave the troops a much needed day of rest on 3/17. A quarter of the troops were Irish or of Irish descent (as am I) and the choice of the day off was no coincidence.  It happened at Morristown, New Jersey, the 2nd winter encampment there.

Now, as for my trip to Mom's Organic Market in Cherry Hill and lunch at the cafe' there, Naked Lunch, the food was excellent but I HATE those tall counter stools.  If you have a bad back, like I do and so many of my friends, you want to put your feet on the floor when you sit down in a chair.  I know those high stools are trendy, for some reason, but they are NOT comfortable.  But perhaps they didn't want people hanging around too long.  

Anyhow we had the black bean burgers, very good, and I chose the kale and spinach side, while my friend, Nancy, chose the home-made pretzels.  Very tasty.  I bought yoghurt and freshly ground coffee, along with cashew butter and a great multi-grain bread while there.  Very worth the money and the effort.

Mom's is located in what used to be I Goldberg's a long time ago, on the Cherry Hill side of Route 70 on King's Highway.  They carried a very large selection of produce and many other kinds of products.  Of course everything is more expensive that it is at ShopRite, but you expect that when you shop higher quality goods. I would go back for food item, but not for lunch, though I enjoyed the food, I can't stand those high stools where you can't rest properly while seated.

Such beautiful weather, my mini-daffodils are in full bloom, and I am heartened by the discernible approach of spring.  Soon, a rain storm will be here, in an hour or two, but I got my walk in early today at Knight's Park and I hope you got out while the sun was shining too!  A friend and I, an old friend from the old neighborhood in Philadelphia, Gale, and I walked then enjoyed a nice peaceful lunch at the Station House corner cafe' in Haddon Heights, a place of which we are both very fond.  We had breakfast items.  

Happy Trails!  (wrightj45@yahoo.com)
Jo Ann

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