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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Great Link

A is so often the case;, I was looking for one thing and found another.  I wanted to find out some history of Grenloch Lake but I found Watermills of Camden County, by i William Farr this excellent link instead.  In this collection of links and documents was the Water Mills of West Jersey by William Farr, but I couldn't get anything about Grenloch.  What I did find was more on my own ancestor's Mills:
Major Peter T. Cheeseman.

Also, a nice postal photo of Evan's Mill at Haddonfield.  There is a nice little pond there that I like to walk around also.  

I had a good time checking out the many interesting thing on this wonderful web site including the Hessian maps of South Jersey.  

Mills have always fascinated me and I was green with envy when I saw the collection of old mill paintings collected by Sue Hueskin and on display in her home.  Sue Hueskin is a supplier of Colonial era clothing to re-enactors and a re-enactor herself.  You can find her and her stall at most Colonial re-enactment events.  When I was a volunteer at Red Bank Battlefield, I had an entire outfit:  petticoat, bodice, cape and a mantua for special occasions, from her.  She is a very nice person as well as a talented costumer.  I wish I had thought to collect those old mill paintings.  Perhaps I will simply have to get out my supplies and start painting my own.  Maybe I could do a painting of Cheeseman's Mill, a photo of which is in one of the mill booklet from Camden County Historical Society.  

A collection of tours and hikes from Mill Ponds, by county, would be an interesting project!  Meanwhile, I found nothing on Grenloch.

Another great link for info on Timber Creek.

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