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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Museum of the American Revolution

Okay, it is in Philadelphia, Pa., not South Jersey, nonetheless, our history is inextricably linked with our sister across the river, and I am personally linked as well.  That is where I was born!  

In my just received issue of Early American Life, a magazine I treasure, on page 6, there is a half page piece on the Museum of the American Revolution.  The official opening will take place April 19 through 23rd, beginning with a wreath laying at Washington Square (where I had my first job at W. B Saunders) at the tomb of the unknown Revolutionary War soldier.  AS I had always heard, over a thousand yellow fever victims/soldiers are buried in a mass grave at Washington Square.  I have never corroborated that.  A representative of the Oneida Nation will offer a blessing, readings and music.  There will be a procession and a ribbon-cutting ceremony.  For more information, go to -

I am so excited about this.  It is long overdue.  So that is a special  event available each month - Lines on the Pines in March and the opening of the Rev. War museum in April.  A man I have much admired over the years, Gary Stone, was working on a Rev. War site map for New Jersey.  He is at Morristown Battlefield.  I look forward to that being completed and published some day too!  

What a coincidence, since I had just posted about Common Cause and Paine's house in Bordertown yesterday (or the day before).  When I worked at the Whittal House, Red Bank Battlefield, as a volunteer, I was very much enamored with Revolutionary War history.  I believe I may have posted some time ago on books you can read about events in SJ during the war.  I have a long shelf full of them, some are very special to me, such as the one about the battle for the Delaware River - between the forts in Philadelphia and Red Bank Battlefield.  Well, I don't know if I will be at the opening, but I will definitely be at the museum later in the spring.  I rarely go to Philadelphia these days but I will make the special effort for this event.  

Happy Trails!  If you want to contact me and cannot use the comments feature, you can write me at wrightj45@yahoo.com

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