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Friday, April 5, 2013

Largest alligator in the US outside of Florida

Well, I just couldn't get it right - was it the largest alligator in the world?  The USA?  New Jersey - ha ha - I know there are none in NJ, so he'd have to be the largest one north of Florida.  Anyhow his name is Mike - it is actually "?___ something Mike" like Monumental Mike or Mammoth Mike, I can't remember.   Okay, I looked it up Mighty Mike, it is!

This alligator is BIG - way to big for the little puddle and window where he is forced to live.  I'm not a fan of zoos or circuses or aquariums.  I hate to see animals trapped and on display, however, I will say that there was a sign that explained that Mike was slated to be destroyed at a boat landing in Florida until the animal control officer contacted some nature officials and he was captured and moved around to be an ambassador for the alligator world. 

Is he better off?  Who knows, but my pal for the day at the aquarium and I discussed it and I said if I had a choice between being trapped in a small room with books inside a library for the rest of my life or of being shot, I'd take the room and the books.  I hope Mike has a meditative mind, which, by his looks, I think he might.  The Hippos were cool too.

I missed out on wishing everyone a Happy National Walking Day, two days ago.  I walked Audubon Lake, Big Timber Creek park, Newton Creek Park, and Knight's Park, to celebrate.  Walking is my favorite thing to do.  Hope you were out and about too!  Happy Trails!  Jo Ann

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