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Friday, April 5, 2013

Places I should have gone and a place I'm going.

Well, I was punished a couple of times recently for not keeping up with my e-mail.  It takes so long that I've been heading out to walk the dog at Timber Creek Park everyday without turning on the computer.  So I missed a great genealogy and stories presentation at Salem Genealogical Society and last night I missed a presentation by a friend of mine, Carol Suplee at Medford on the history of Willingboro.  I'm really sorry about that.  She is in a writing group with tme and I'm sure it was a fascinating presentation.

Today, I'm headed off to the NJ State Aquarium which I haven't visited in nearly a decade, through two renovations, I understand.  More on that later.

And on the subject of genealogy, my sister was on her way home from work and passed a family clearing out a house and putting all sorts of interesting things on the curb.  She asked if she could look and they said it was all trash and she could help herself.  She found a trash bag filled with family photographs from the 1930-s through the 1950's and a passport for the progenitor and first immigrant of the family Donenic Cutrufello.  There were photos of the family with their tenement garden in the Bronx, and my favorite, a pair of long white gloves and the work card of Martha Cutrufello who worked as a Cabaret dancer; there were two photos of her in color in beautiful ballgowns.

I felt so sorry for the photos and asked at Gloucester County Historical Society if  they knew of a group that would house this material since it documents early Italian immigration into the farmlands of SJ, and they said, generously that they would give it a home!  I was so happy that my sister, Susan Wright, saved this irreplaceable and priceless resource for someone who might be interested in the future.  How sad when a grandmother dies and no one cares enough about the family history to give it a home.

My sister showed them what was in the trash bag, including Domenic Guiseppi's Cutrufello's passport from 1917, and they said "Trash, we don't want any of it." Maybe a family quarrel was behind it.  Who knows.  But the photographs are saved and the gloves. 


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