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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Two Lectures

Wow the first days of what feels more like summer than spring!  Already the forsythia have flung themselves into bloom and the blossoming trees are clothing their recently black, naked, shivering branches in white and pink finery.  All of this, of course, puts one in mind of gardens. 

Recently on PBS, I saw a NATURE program called What Plants Talk ABout.  It was so interesting, I ordered a copy of the dvd.  No one really wants to hear the plot of a show repeated verbally so I'll just tell you one interesting detail.  Plants send a chemical message into the air, kind of like the old concept of 'miasma,' i think, that notifies a predator that it's prey is on the plant.  That way, the insect eating a plant can be removed by its enemy.
That chemical miasma, pictured in the tv program as a pale green fog, fascinated me.  I read recently that scientist couldn't figure out how elepants miles away could know what each other were doing.  They discovered, eventually that the elephant gave a low vocalizing below our ability to hear, and communicated that way.

The first lecture I attended was on landscaping given at Mickleton Library by my sister, Susan Wright, who is a landscape designer.   It was very well done and I learned more than I can say here, especially as Dr. Oz/s ad is covering  my writing with a pop-up that I can't remove so I can't see what I'm typing.  I may have to go to another entry after this and begin again, so I'll close by saying I'm doing two gardents in one day June 5th on a bus tour with Seniour Citizens United of Camden County, to Bartram's Garden and Chanticleer.  I did actually visit Bartram's Garden before on a Friends Meeting tour when i was a member of the Cherry Street Meeting back in the 1980's but it will be delightful to visit again.  Signing off for this entry - Happy trails - stay outside!  Jo Ann

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