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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Second Lecture

The second lecture I attended was about the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall; I'm sorry, I tried to look up the authors of the book, who were presenting the lecture, but didn't have any instant success and I'm under a time constraint here, so I'll simply give you the url to the Gloucester County Historical Society and you can visit there and possibly find the info on the meeting and lecture which was last  night, Wednesday, April 10 at 7:00 p.m.


They were interesting speakers, the two authors.  I was interested to find out how many times the rooms of the Independence Hall have been gutted and renovated and to see pictures of how radically didfferent it was through the time periods.  Also, there was a clock in the wall made by the Stretch Clock makers who made the clock in the Whitall House.

On the liberty bell the most interesting fact, to me, was that once it went to space and when it came back, the door to its capsule was opened too soon and it sank to the bottom of the ocean,  Not to worry, first of all, there were seven replicas of the bell of which this was one, and also, at some later point, the bell was retrieved from the ocean floor.

One of the two authors of the book Independence Hall and the Libery Bell got his start at the Glooucester County Historical Society, where I am a volunteer.  I've been working on indexing Ruth Page Rogers diary.  She was an Elk Twp. born residendt who became a pioneer Mormon and went to Utah.    I'm also working on the Cutrufello family photographs, a new acquisition which I've mentioned before.  My sister rescued the passport and photographs from the turn of the century through the 1940's from the sidewalk trash and we were so intrigued that we were happy to find a home for them at GCHSL.

Out of space again and the slide bar can't help me get past Dr. Oz, so I'm signing out.  Enjjoy the weather.  I'm on my way to Atsion Lake to hike with my best dog friend, Trixie (who picture I would post if I could figure out the new protocol here) and Barbara Soleem.  I may have to start a whole new page to put my quickly mounting photos up somewhhere.

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