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Monday, April 22, 2013

Pictures 2013

Well, I think I have found a way to circumvent the problem I had with adding pictures (called "gadgets" on this free blog site)  to go with my posts.  Something had changed in the formatting function and I could not longer add pictures the way I did with my other posts, so I have opted to add a page with pictures on it.  The page is called Photographs 2013, and there is a photo of my sister's shrub arrangement at Michleton Library, for her presentation on Landscape Design, a photo of carnivorous plants at Pakim Pond for Earth Day, and there is a picture of my dog Trixie at Timber Creek park, and finally, a photo of my sister, me and my nephew, the day we began working on my garden. 
Scross down to the bottom of my opening page and you'll find the page entitled Photographs 2013, along with a page on the James and Ann Whittall House.  You can open Photographs 2013 and see the pictures.  I'll add new pages for more photographs as they come up to go with new posts.  I wish I could move that whole "gadget" up further on the page, but it is beyond my ability to figure out how to do that.  Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you enjoy the photographs. 
Speaking of photographs, for my 'birding friends' I wanted to mention that I saw a wild life photographer at Audubon Lake (in Haddon Heights Park)  yesterday taking pictures of black cormorants in a tree airing out their wings.  The little parks have many wonders to share.

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