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Monday, May 27, 2013

A Quiet Memorial Day weekend

Before I blog about the weekend in the abandoned cities, I have a question:  Does anyone know where Lebanon Lake is?  It is the site of the Cheesman Millk but I have driven all over and searched the web and cannot find the location of this lake.  It must be large and it must be nearby, and I've ssen it on maps, but can't make out the bordering streets.  If you know please contact me at    wrightj45@yahoo.com - Thanks in advance for any help.

Sunday, a friend and I decided to visit Bordentown and Burlington cities.  They were like ghost towns, which is fine by me.  On Friday, coming home from Estell Manor, I had passed over a solid log jam of cars on 42 on the way to the seashore, and the same on 295 and Black Horse Pike. 
It was a good weekend to stay home, or at least, close to home.  So in Bordentown, we stopped for lunch after walking the charming streets and visiting the Iris Garden, which had passed its prime, but it was still pretty.
We ate in an Italian restaurant, but were shocked to discover, on paying the bill, that we had been charged $3 or every decaf coffee refill!  Our salads were $10 each, but our coffee was almost equal! 

What made up for it a  little was stopping at the OLD BOOK SHOP OF BORDENTOWN, open Tues. to Sun. also from 11 to 5, but I recommend you call and let them know you are coming if you are going there especially to buy something.  (609) 324-9909.  Their web address is:
I bought several pamphlet type booklets there
1.   One Hudred and Fiftieth Aniiversary of the Battle of Red Bank
2.  Letters and Papers of Richard Somers
3.  An Archaeological Journey at Point Breeze
4.  Old Farms and Farmhouses in New Jersey
5.  Gloucester County in the Civil War
When I finish reading them, I will donate them to the appropriate places.*

Next we headed over to Burlington City to visit St. Mary's Episcopal Church and walk in the churchyard and also to go down and look at the Delaware River.  While there, we stopped in to browse at the  HISTORIC BURLINGTON ANTIQUES & ART EMPORIUM.  It is open 7 days a week from 11-5, which was quite a relief because almost everything else in both towns was closed.  My friend Nancy was looking for intereting patio furnishings, I was looking at everything but my favorite thing was a wooden picnic basket lined in red checked gingham with a checkers game painted on the inside of the lid.  It was very reasonable too, only $15, but I rarely have that kind of picnic anymore.  Their web address is

*Speaking of donating my booklets to the appropriate places.  I hope to visit the Atlantic Heritage Center one day soon and to finally get inside the Somers Mansion on Somers Point where the old Somers Point circle used to be.
Heritage web addres is: 

So, a lovely weekend with no traffic and a beautiful cool walk at the Big Timber Creek Dog Park with Trixie each day early in the morning.  Hope your Memorial Day was safe and that you had a moment to contemplate the men who gave their lives to keep our nation free.  I was fortunate enough to catch the last part of a ceremony on the Black Horse Pike at a War Memorial.

Upcoming Event:  Blrulington County Historians Roundtable June 8th Saturday.  Maybe I'll see you there!
Happy Trails, Jo Ann

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