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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hiking the D & R Canal at Bordentown

Just yesterday, after having commented to my long time hiking buddy Barbar Solem, that I wish I knew a good hiking trail (out of the woods) near Bordentown, she replied, "Well, there's the D & R. Canal tow path."  So, with our other staunch hiking compadre, Barb Spector, we were off.  First we stopped for lunch at the Tabernacle Inn, which I strongly recommend for good food and courteous service, as well as vegetarian choices:  we had the grilled vegetable wrap with cole slaw.  

At Bordentown, which we reached coming from Shamong, by taking 206, we drove down Farnsworth, one of the main streets of the town, to the end where it reaches Crosswicks Creek, then parked in a small area set aside for just that.  There is a marker with information about the trail which is parallel to the River  Line train tracks.  Follow the wooden boardwalk to the packed dirt path and you will find a shady, clean and scenic walking path.  We walked for about an hour which, for us, is roughly 3 miles. 

After our hike, we stopped in at the old book store and Barb Solem bought two books, one of which was Gone With the Wind, and Barb Spector bought six!  So, I didn't feel bad that for once in my life, I didn't buy any.  There were two pamphlets I wanted from the NJ pamphlets section but they were too pricey for me:  one was $35 and the other was $10.  The first was a history of the Presbyterian Church which had the names of a few of my Cheesman ancestors in it.  The second was another Gloucester County history pamphlet. 

It was a delightful day with my friends and in a charming old New Jersey town, Bordentown.  Hope you give it a try sometime soon.  We are avoiding the woods at present due to ticks and chiggers, which we have, all three of us, suffered from in the past.  It is one of the  many reasons to appreciate winter.
Happy Trails!
Today I'm off to Mount Holly to the Robin's Nest for brunch at 2 Washington St.  Later, when I get home, I'll download the photos from my camera and post a couple for the trail.

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