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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Timber Creek

The best part of every day is when I take my dog, Trixie, to Timber Creek Dog Park in Gloucester Twp. off Chews Landing Road.  I can't begin to tell you how beautiful it is and how wonderful, warm and friendly the people are.  
Yesterday, a trio of young people were gathered at the dog beach and pond and one of the young men, after being reassured that the pond isn't polluted, was ferrying his dog to the middle of the pond to teach her to swim, which she did very well.  He was kind and generous enough to take my dog out to the middle of the pond as well, which made her very happy.  She swims remarkably well, as she should being a Lab mix, but having had little or no experience with water before (I'm guessing) she is timid to try it on her own.

The young man's name was Greg and his dog was Scout.  Hope to see you at this great dog park with your best friend one of these days.  There are great people to meet, and an endless array of interesting dogs  Among my regular favorites are dog walker Stephanie, and her best pal,  Barb.  They bring Lily, Apollo, Takara and her puppies, and a couple of other interesting dog (I'm sorry, I'm bad with names).  There are many exceptional dog rescuers, too who always inspire me.  A good conversation really makes the miles and hours fly by.  

Happy Trails and Happy Tails!  Jo Ann

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