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Friday, October 31, 2014

Hiking Martin Hubler Prairie Warbler Preserve

The Michael Huber Prairie Warbler Preserve is at Sooy Place Road, Vincentown, Phone 856-342-6523.  You'll have to go to their web site for more info and directions as I was a passenger in Barb Solem's car and couldn't find my way back there without her or my gps.
What a beautiful day for a hike in such a splendid autumn woods.  The trail was nice and wide and there was a gorgeous clear spring crossing it for the dogs to wade in and drink from.  The weather was idyllic and it was one of those days that I call myhappiest.  
Also we had lunch at the Tabernacle Inn, which I have written about before and I can tell you the soup I had hit the spot - it was mushroom barley soup with hot rolls.  
Looking for something to do?  Gas up and head out!  Don't make my mistake, though.  I forgot to spray.  It is still warm enough to be tick scary, so spray!  

Today I'm off to Thompson Street in Bordentown before a dog walk at Knight's Park and lunch from SaladWorks in Collingswood, then I've got to get home in time to don my fortune teller costume and greet the kids!  My town has delightful children in clever and adorable costumes.  The parents and the children have so much fun, and I like to give back for all the wonder and mystery my daughter Mounenjoyed in her childhood Halloweens in our little hometown.  I'm all decorated and ready to go!

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