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Saturday, October 11, 2014

It is enough to make you want to become a mycologist!  The great number of fascinating and different varieties of mushrooms along the trail at Brendan Byrne State Forest yesterday had me fascinated and my phone/camera clicking every few yards.  What a great day to take a hike!  And especially in view of the day that followed - today, Saturday, Oct. 11 - a cold, damp, rainy day that has kept me in the house reading, writing, and doing household chores, computer chores and art work.  
But yesterday was heavenly, my favorite kind of day - a nice hike on the cranberry trail, a picnic in the shelter by Pakim Pond, and a stop at the Red Top Market on the way home for a bag of winesap apples!  I am tempted to hyperbole - well, I'll give in to it - it was the most PERFECT Day in the world!  My dog, Trixie, would agree, as would my hiking companion of the day, Barb Spector.
Today I was planning to go to the Book Fair at Collingswood until the weather intervened.  But I am happy at home always - that is, if I can't be in the woods.  
Happy Autumn, Happy Halloween, nad always Happy Trails!  Jo Ann
Link to Brendan Byrne Forest and Pakim Pond

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