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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Uncle Bill's Pancake House and Family Restaurant

On Friday, I drove to visit my cousin Patty in the Villas and after a delightful walk along the bay with Trixie, my Labrador Retriever, we headed over to Uncle Bill's for his famous pumpkin pancakes.  They are beyond delicious!!!  
Sidenote:  This was especially fun because my cousin Patty's father was my father's brother and his name was Bill!  So he was my Uncle Bill.  He made the best cheesecake (aside from my mother's - she made the BEST everything.)

As you know, although I started out mainly talking about historic sights, I early branched off into fun places to go and things to do, so I recommend you go to Uncle Bill's for brunch or lunch one day soon before the pumpkin pancakes are out of season!  If that happens, you can get the sweet potato pancakes all year round.

By the way, Uncle Bill's has several locations:
Avalon -  32nd and Dune
Stone Harbor - 309 96th St.
Cap[e May - Perry & Beach
Ocean City - 2 locations, 2112 Asbury, 40th and West
Strathmere - Willard & Ocean
 Villas (aka North Cape May) 3820 Bayshore
Wildwood - 4601 Pacific

While you are in the Villas, a quaint and homey community, with some really great real estate bargains and relatively low taxes) take a drive over to Cox's Creek Wildlife preserve to hike off that pancake brunch!

What wonderful weather.  I hope you are enjoying it too!
Happy Trails, Jo Ann (you can e-mail me at wrightj45@yahoo.com)

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