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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Glorious Day on the Maurice with Captain Dave

Yesterday, my two Barbara friends and I were gliding down the Maurice River with Captian Dave out of Millville.  No more beautiful Spring day could have been found.  It is a 2 hour round-trip at $15, call in advance to reserve your seat.  Yesterday, we arrived just as a bus of folks from Medford Leas were departing  The boat can fill up as it is very popular.

Naturally, we saw eagles, as well as other river birds, and enjoyed the now familiar sights of the Maurice River Bluffs and the Bercham dyke farm. 

A brisk breeze kept us all cool under the sun, which we haven't seen in a few days, and the day was in every way perfect!  Including a truly delicious lunch at Wildflowers Vegan Restaurant.  I had a back bean burger wrap and the two Barbaras had saitan wraps and all of us agreed they were the best yet and the best wraps we had ever eaten anywhere.  

Now, Saturday June 3rd,  the sun is gone again, but we have the memory of our lovely day to remind us that summer is around the corner.  And this afternoon a friend, and I, are going to the Strawberry Festival at St. Mary's Episcopal Church on White Horse Pike in Haddon Heights.

By the way,  I added two new pictures in the side columns, the little free library at the Mt. Ephraim Clock on Kings Hwy. where I dropped off a couple of books and a cd.  And, the view of Curtin's Wharf where my friend, Gail and I had lunch on Memorial Day - also couldn't have been a lovelier day, breeze off the Delaware, Caribbean live music, a convivial and cheery crowd - everyone in high spirits.  

I am always delighted about the many wonderful things to do and places to go in South Jersey.  I hope you are too, and if not, just read more blog posts and find more things to do and places to go and you will be too!

Happy Trails!
Jo Ann

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