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Friday, June 30, 2017

Walks With My Dog - Acorn TV

Fr my 4th of July personal intimate festival, I watched Walks With My Dog, an Acron tv production in which British actors walk in their home counties with their dogs.  A lovely woman walked with her Cavapoo in Kent, a recognizable (to me anyhow as I watch a LOT of British tv) actor walked with his two Labs in Cornall and visited an obscure site that I was proud and thrilled to name - the little building from which Britain laid cable to all corners of the empire.  It is no longer of much use as we use fiber optic cable, but nonetheless, it is the ground zero of our connected world.  I knew about it from a very old issue of Wired Magazine, probably back to the 90's.

Second to the tv show, naturally, I walked my dog, Trixie, as I do every single day all year long.  Currently we walk in Knight's Park around 8:00 a.m. to catch the cooler temps as Trixie has dark brown fur and can't take the heat.  In cooler seasons, when there are no ticks or chiggers, we frequent Pakim Pond, and many other hiking trails such as the Maurice River Bluffs, but from March through September, these days, we stay out of the woods and away from Lyme disease bearing ticks.

My other 4th of July treats are a vegetarian feast of red skin potato salad from ShopRite (surprisingly delicious = even to a potato salad snob like myself) cole slaw and Jersey corn (microwaved in its own leafy wrapper).  

If you watch Netflix, catch What the Health, a good show about food and our health.  You may prefer to forego that hot dog or burger, and opt for a veggie burger or the aforementioned salad, corn and cole slaw options.

Happy 4th of July, whatever you do and wherever you go!  We will also enjoy our little local parade down Kings Hwy.,  and there are man locations where we can see the fireworks from home.

Happy Trails and remember - a dog can die in a few minute left in a hot car so take your dog home before you go to the store!  Then you can continue to enjoy many years of happy walks together.  
Jo Ann (and Trixie)

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