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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Museum of Failure

You may have visited when I was posting on my Museu of the Ordinary Person.  I got up to episode 3, but I have 5 episodes with a shocking reveal at the end and I will resume on a rainy day when nothing else is happening.

But today, I heard on nprp, the bbc broadcast that a Danish Psychologist has opened a so far popular Museum of Failure, to show that behind every success there is failure that had to be overcome and that the person or team experiencing the failure had to persevere beyond it.

He got the idea when he visited the Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia.  

When I get home from the gym and my painting plan, I will look up these museums, I'd love to see what they have!

Happy trails (whether in the woods or the mind)
Jo Ann

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