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Monday, June 26, 2017

Solar Eclipse August

In case you missed it, the note of a solar eclipse has been written up in several science magazines and this Sunday in the Courier Post.  Since I had posted on several star gazing events coming up, I thought I would add a note about the eclipse as well.  I can't really go to these anymore as I can't drive at night - vision problems, but you can!

This is the first coast to coast solar eclipse in the US in 99 years!  Although total solar eclipses happen about every two years or so, usually they occur in the middle of the Pacific or some other place where we can't see them.  But this one cuts diagonally across the US.  This one takes place on August 21 and cuts from Oregon to South Carolina.  Day will briefly become night.

Along this path, the eclipse will be total.  In other places it will be partial.  As all article recommend, wear protective eye covering.  The eclipse will last about 2 minutes.

I am sure as the time gets closer we will get a more accurate estimate of the time when we can view this.  Nothing I read so far was able to give a time to start looking.  I guess when we see the shadow of the moon and it begins to get dark, we will know!

"When the moon hits your eye and it darkens the sky, that's an eclipse" Sing it to the tune of the old song about the pizza pie!

Happy Trails, in the woods, in the park, or in the sky -
Jo Ann

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