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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cape May County Museum Lunch and Lectures

Today I enjoyed two excellent lectures at the Cape May Co. Museum:
Dorothy Stanaities did her excellent piece "Remember The Ladies" which focused on women of the Am. Rev. period.  She is vivacious, entertaining, and has all her information down pat - a great treat.
Gordon Bond did a lecture on Harriet Tubman that was very good indeed. It was from his book The Hidden History of South Jersey From the Capitol to the Shore.  He, also, gave an excellent and informative talk.  We had lunch under the trees on the grounds and the summer, seashore breeze blew under clear skies and leaves just beginning to be burnished by the retreating sun.  It was a splendid day in every way.
I have bought Bond's book and can't wait to read it but I am falling behind being a slow reader and I'm only 1/3 through Undaunted Courage, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, so you won't bet a review for a long tim.
Book of Ages is next in line, the story of Benjamin Franklin's sister Jane Mecom.
I'm just now wading through the armload of newlsetters, newspapers, brochures and flyers that I took from the CMCMuseum and if I see anything of special interest you'll see it here tomorrow.  I would have told you about this earlier, but I didn't know too far ahead of time where I was going or what was happening there - I only knew I was going to the seashore with a friend.

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