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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Speaker and 'steps'-upcoming events

A speaker from the Mutter Museum will be at the Whitall House at Red Bank Battlefield to speak on 18th century medicine on Saturday 10/12/13 morning at 10:00. 

To return the favor to our 'Mother City' Philadelphia, let me share with you this excellent web site and an event they are having later that same day in Phila. - a ceremony to install a plaque to commemmorate the steps on the waterfront directly ordered by William Penn. 
Harry K. author of the web site "Hidden City" is a fine speaker and a brilliant and devoted historian of Philadelphia.  I have his book on the watefront and have taken a course at Camden County College on that subject after being inspired by his lecture and book.  Having been born in Philadelphia and raised there before moving to New Jersey for the rest of my life, I feel a kinship with that noble birthplace of American history.
I will be at the Whitall Hosue lecture, but must return home after that and will not be able to attend the waterfront dedication.  Later that day is my 50th High School Reunion!  Hard to beliee it was 50 years ago that I graduated from Merchantville High School (so long ago that it isn't a high school anymore). 
If you have any questions or comments on any of this write me at -  wrightj45@yahoo.com

Tomorrow evening I'll be at the Oaklyn Ritz Theater for August in Osage County.  I'll write a review after the show but it'll be too late for you to see it because I believe it is the last night of the play.  Anyhow the Ritz deserves a little essay too being a historic theater and one of the very few left still standing and operating.
Happy Trails!  Jo Ann

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  1. Hi JoAnn,

    This is my first visit to your site. Very cool!

    I love the cranberry harvest photo. Thanks for sharing it.

    My dad and grandparents are buried at Eglington, so I get there from time to time. For some mental therapy, I have walked around there a few times.

    Take care.

    JW Fan Club President :)