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Monday, October 28, 2013

Good Site Review Whitall House, Red Bank Battlefield, and more...

Yesterday we had our biggest event of the year at the Whitall House, Red Bank Battleifield.  It was the Batttle of Red Bank Re-enactment, a very impressive affair if you are interested in history, the Revolution, South Jersey History or re-enactment.

I worked as docent in the surgery room of the house but had to leave early due to a head-cold.
One of the Whitall Descendant branches, Russ Worthington's family,  comes to visit us from time to time and they were there yesterday.  We keep in touch via e-mail and he sent me this site that he has put up about the house.  It is very interesting and I wanted to pass it along:

Today, a hiking buddy and I are going to find Peek's Preserve outside of Millville; we heard of it through our boat trips with Capt. Dave on the Maurice River and today we are going to actually walk the trail.  I will let you know about it after I return from it.  We are hoping it has gotten cold enough to force the ticks and chiggers into retreat as my hiking buddy was down with Lymes and has stayed out of the woods for the past couple of months.

Happy Trails!
Jo Ann

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