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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Peek's Preserve & more...

Well, we found it, and you can too!  Set your gps for millville, stay on 47 through the town, until you cross over 49.  One and a half miles past that, just outside the city, you'll see the sign for Peek's Preserve on the right and a small parking lot.  There is a nice little walking trail and a boardwalk overlook with a pretty view of the marshland along the Maurice River.  There is also a 'field office' where you can get a brochure and trail map (which you don't really need) and there is a clean visitor's bathroom beside the parking lot. 

My hiking buddy and I were a bit confused at two contrasting signs.  One said this was a wildlife refuge, the other said it was hunting by permit.  I don't know about you, but I thought 'REFUGE' meant no hunting.  The ranger in the field office said it was okay, it was only bow hunting  by permit.  Well, just because it is quieter than bullets, bow hunting does not, to my mind, fit in the idea of REFUGE and as a hiker, I don't find it comforting.  He gave us the usual talk on overpopulation of deer. 

Nonetheless it is a nice little appetizer trail to a bigger hike at Maurice River Bluffs, which I have written about before.  You go back into town, cross over the river (I think it may be 49) take the left after the WAWA, which I think is 555 and a left on Silver Run Rd.  My sketchy directions however, can and should be supplemented by a trip on the internet via google to the site on the Maurice River Bluffs, which also offers a trail map for the bluffs - a BEAUTIFUL hike!  We like about 3 miles or a hour, so the two together work well and don't forget lunch at Wildflowers.  We had a delicious acorn squash soup.
Peek's Preserve offered about 1 and a half miles.  You can get in a good hour at the bluffs with, again, the World War II bunkers and other interesting sites, and some beaches for picnics.

On a different topic:
A friend and fellow volunteer at Red Bank sent us this link to an article about our re-enactment at Red Bank Battlefield, just passed this last Sunday, if you'd like to read about it, here's the link:

If that doesn't work, (as I see it isn't in html format) try taking the first part and using that by cut and paste by itself.

Happy Trails!
Jo Ann
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