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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Courier Post, Wed., Apr.5, 2017 Glover's Mill, & Camden County Historical Society Exhibit

Fortunately, today, a hiking buddy told me that there was a great article about Glover's Fulling Mill on the front page of the Courier. I don't get the daily, only the Sunday edition, so I would have missed it.

We had walked around Knight Park, but still felt like enjoying the most splendid spring weather that we had today, so we headed over to Haddon Lake Park and walked from the cannon on Station Ave.(?) to the Dell and back.  

The friend who had read the article in the Courier wanted to see the new signage about the mill, but I was perplexed, because the utility lot that had been where the mill used to be was gone, replaced by a new housing development.  

After the walk, on a hunch, we drove down the main street of the housing development and at the end of the street we found the signage and the location of the fenced site where the mill once stood.

The Courier article was very good, and in the same issue there was an excellent article on World War I, because of the anniversary of our entry into that war, so this is a good time to remind you that Camden County Historical Society will open its new exhibit on Camden County in World War I on April 9, Sunday from 1 to 3.  There is a $5 charge if you are not a member.  This will include a tour of Pomona Hall and the rest of the museum.  What an enlightening day!

If you are looking for things to do, have lunch at Local Links or Station House Cafe, then take a hike around Haddon Lake Park!  Check out the gorgeous carpet of yellow flowers while they are still blooming!  Then, on Sunday, drive on over to 1900 Park Boulevard in Camden and see the exhibit.  I drive down Haddon Ave., after Haleigh Cemetery, turn right to the end, then left and there it is - Pomona Hall and Camden County Historical Society  There are always interesting things to do around here!
Happy Trails!
Jo Ann

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