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Friday, April 21, 2017

Genealogy at Camden County Historical Society - FREE!

If, like me, you are an on again, off again, Family History researcher, you may find yourself getting a good kick-start at Camden County Historical Society this Sunday, April 23 at 2:00.
Address:1900 Park Boulevard, Camden, NJ (I go straight down Haddon Avenue, through Collingwood, over Rt. 130, past Haleigh Cemetery, make a right at the corner light at Haleigh, go straight to the end and turn left - then there it is, Pomona Hall and CCHS. It is right behind Lady of Lourdes Hospital and a small neighborhood.)

For weeks, and months, I will work feverishly on genealogy, then the field goes fallow for a year or so.  Often what sparks my renewed interest is a lecture.  Once, it was the Ancestry.com convention in Philadelphia.  I got so fired up, I bought the dan kit and that started a whole flurry of family  history interest in my friends, a few of whom also bought the kit and did the test.

By the way, I love ancestry.com.  All the features are fabulous and really speed up your search and when you record all your findings, your work is saved even if you take a break from membership, because holding onto the data is a bonus resource for continuing members.  And whenever you return, you find hints! Ancestry.com has found things that may or may not be connections for you.  

Another thing that always got me back into the family history work was when I attended the Genealogical Society of Salem County lectures at Friends Village near Woodstown. I used to be a regular but my deteriorating vision due to Fuch's dystrophy (a cornea condition) made night driving too hazardous.  But now that the president of the GSSC is head librarian at Camden County Historical Society, I am hoping that her boundless enthusiasm will bring a re-birth to the programming there.  Since it is close and daytime, I will be attending this Sunday, for sure.

Advice from a tree:

Stand straight and tall,
drink lots of water
Always remember your roots!

Happy Trails, whether in the woods or in the research library!
Jo Ann 

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