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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Movie Review: The Lost City of Z

Just saw The Lost City of Z, to whch I had looked forward with great anticipation.  Having read The Lost City of the Monkey God, I had great hopes for The Lost City of Z.  It was a good movie in a kind of slow and dreamy way, but I enjoyed it though I wouldn't say it was great.  It was a teensy bit stuffy.

We had lunch at Bankok City, Eagle Plaza, Voorhees (across from the movie theater lot) which is never disappointing, the serene atmosphere and the fresh and delicious food is consistent and so is the courteous and non-intrusive service of the wait staff.  They are friendly and quick and attentive but do not try to engage in long conversations as happens in some places.  The atmosphere is very calming.  The lunch special is an appetizer, soup or salad, and the main dish for $9.  The spring rolls are the best I've had since I moved from Philadelphia.  I used to go to a restaurant there, Saigon City, on Washington Street (below South) and their spring rolls are the best ever, but Bankok is almost as good.)

I couldn't help comparing the fight of the American Indians whose land is being encroached on by the pipeline in the Dakotas with the enslavement and land grabs inflicted on the indigenous people of South America.  

Having World War I thrust into the movie also increased my feeling that life itself is often a struggle for resources.  Creatures including humans always guarding territory or invading territory, even plants, when it comes down to it.  Look at kudzu or even the ubiquitous English Ivy.  Nonetheless, amidst all the struggle there is always beauty, and shafts of sunlight through the leaves, and the occasional acts of kindness.

I highly recommend The Lost City of the Monkey God - also a true story, and a current event.

Happy Trails!
Jo Ann

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